Stephen Schauer

Stephen’s curiosity in Old Time music was first sparked when stumbling upon a local string band performing in situ while revisiting his mother’s childhood hometown in rural Kentucky. The entire scene: the music, the people, and the place all just felt right. For the last 10 years, he has brought his background in the visual arts to the investigation of american traditional music, meeting many of the great living musicians, playing in fiddle contests around the country, and documenting the sights & sounds along the way. He admits that Bluegrass music was his ‘gateway drug’ that ultimately led him to his current passions for Texas Style and Appalachian Old Time music. Stephen contributes to the Deep End Sessions through his work in recording the albums and contributes to the photography & video of the artists and events.


Cody Edison

Cody’s exploration as a multi-disciplinary artist began with his discovery of Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music. For Cody, Smith’s Anthology became both a cultural gold mine and a practical one. He co-produced Re-Envisioning America, a multi-media homage to the Anthology with colleagues at CalArts. These amazing productions were widely hailed as among the most significant tributes to American music the CalArts community had ever seen or heard. This led him to new interests in the moving image, the archive and documentary practices while expanding his long time investment in analog black and white photography. Currently he is in residence at Deep End Ranch where he serves as the indispensible Production Assistant to David Bunn and Deep End Sessions. And he has become deeply involved in the camera work and editing of our concert films. In his free time he takes rides on a 17 year old paint quarter horse stallion named Palomo, then later picks up the camera for more of his adventures along highway 126. 


Alex Blair

Alex wanted to be a part of Deep End Sessions after hearing stories from Cody, who is a dear old friend, and also responsible for his introduction to Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music. It was Smith's Anthology that led him on to some of his favorites like Doc Watson, & later, Townes van Zandt. Finally, returning to the source and fueling his primal indulgence in Old-Time music. He says it was by “a bit of luck” that he was brought aboard to film Ben Townsend & Friends and Jesse Milnes and Emily Miller, but it turned out to be the luck of Deep End Sessions to have him. Alex is one excellent camera operator. In his unassuming way he says he’ll be seein' everyone again soon in the chili line!

Seth Joel

"As much as I love music, photography is what makes me the happiest. I always carry a camera and I'm always shooting." Seth is known for photographing the world's most treasured objects and important people in museums, galleries and businesses worldwide. He was invited to his first Deep End concert by Stephen Schauer to see Aarun Carter and Jonathan Trawick perform. During intermission, Seth introduced himself to Aarun and Jonathan and photographed them on the enclosed porch bathed in late afternoon sun. Since then he has been a devotee of Old Time music, musicians and house concerts at Deep End Ranch. Seth acts as the in- house photographer taking portraits of the artists and capturing the special excitement of the live performances. "Photographing these house concerts to me is what jamming is to a musician… improvisation" His work is showcased on the Deep End Sessions website.