Here’s some home-made acoustic music in the old-time and roots traditions, recorded in the living room of a California farm house we call “the lodge.” Built in 1908, the old wooden walls, beamed celling and old rugs of the living room seem to have some rather wonderful sonic characteristics. We think you will agree. 

Just north of Los Angeles, at Deep End Ranch in the middle of a lemon farm, we’re gathering a collection of old-time music from some of the finest musicians today in the tradition. 

The old-time music presented here isn’t your parent’s version of the genre, exactly. While it’s practitioners are fully steeped in the tradition and conscious of being keepers of the flame, they offer new arrangements of traditional tunes, new contexts for rare and authentic tunes, and their own compositions in keeping with tradition stretching back into 18th and 19th century America. These musicians are part of a contextual shift acknowledging that this music not only comes from a rural base, but now finds itself squarely in the middle of urban popular culture as well. 

David Bunn

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The Deep End concept is simple: bring musicians in for a residency and concert, and have them record their sets in a living room space, as close to live as possible, around a minimal selection of good mics.

- Huffington Post

Bunn has created a warm space that is all about community.

- LA Times

In January of this year, Jesse Milnes and Emily Miller settled into the Deep End for a residency. When they left, they had one of the best souvenirs imaginable -- a record.

- The Bluegrass Situation


Caleb Klauder & Reeb Willms

SaturDAY, december 9

Foghorn Stringband Ire_22.jpg

Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms form a powerful vocally-driven duo whose sound is lifted by Caleb’s distinctive and lyrical mandolin playing, (he even picks up the fiddle from time to time) and driven by Reeb’s unwavering guitar playing. They perform original songs and tunes as well as their favorite old gems from traditional and country repertoires. Both originally hail from Washington State: Caleb from Orcas Island, and Reeb from the Waterville Plateau. They met at the Weiser National Old Time Fiddle Contest, and after singing a few songs together, knew that they had to keep doing just that. They tour regionally and internationally bringing a pure and honest sound to both the Foghorn Stringband and the Caleb Klauder Band. Your ears will be ready for the timeless music that these two deliver, rooted in the essence of American roots while bestowing a few new chestnuts to the canon. They have been featured on NPR Music, A Prairie Home Companion, and their albums get played on radio stations around the globe. 

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The Revelers

In 2016, The Revelers performed two live, house concert/dances at Deep End Sessions in Southern California on two very special evenings - first on Valentines and again on the Summer Solstice! This film is edited from both of those performances. The concerts were mostly all acoustic in the early tradition of how this music and dance form began in Southwest Louisiana... in the house! The Revelers are Grammy Nominated Super Group, consisting of members, Blake Miller, Chas Justus, Glenn Fields, Eric Frey, Daniel Coolik and The Chris Miller. Deep End Sessions is honored to call The Revelers our 2016 House Band! Enjoy in full 1080 HD and with good speakers/headphones.


THE BEST JAM EVER! with Caleb Klauder, Reeb Willms, Nadine Landry, Sammy Lind, Ann Louise Genest, John Reischman, Matt Hotte, Mark Schatz, Craig Korth, Eli West, Steve Roy, Trent Freeman, Julie Kerr, Rosalyn Dennett, Kayla Hotte, & the amazing backup crowd! Green room tent, Kekuli stage, NimbleFingers Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Workshop. Sorrento, BC August 24, 2017.  - film by David Bunn