1. Little Joe
  2. Kill'um (Jobob Rag)
  3. Dickson Street Breakdown
  4. Feckie's Waltz
  5. Oh, Lady Be Good
  6. Billy In The Lowground
  7. Kentucky Waltz
  8. Walk Along John (Ozarks)
  9. Walk Along John (Texas)
  10. More Cotton Pickin' Fun
  11. Spinning Reel
  12. Arcandsaw Traveller

Here’s Volume 1:  Aarun Carter and Jonathan Trawick

The CD package includes an eight page liner notes booklet, with lots of background and detail on each tune.   The CD package is available for purchase through our store. 

The CD package includes an eight page liner notes booklet, with lots of background and detail on each tune. 

The CD package is available for purchase through our store. 

I first met Jonathan Trawick last year under the shade of a grand oak tree, just off the stage area at the Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest. He was playing back-up guitar to some awesome Texas style fiddlers, Tony Ludiker, Heather Bennett and Grant Wheeler. Jonathan had his work cut out for him as the only six string guitar player there, laying down the rhythm for these three hot fiddlers. Jonathan is a great guitar player. In between tunes we began to chat. Turns out, Jonathan hails from the Ozark hills. With my roots in the North Carolina Piedmont, we had a lot to talk about in terms of Southern old-time music. Jonathan is not only a fine guitar player but also quite a scholar when it comes to the various histories of the music he plays. That was right up my alley and we really hit it off, so at the end of the day I invited him to visit Deep End Ranch.

Jonathan comes from a musical family. Both his father and his grandfather are fiddlers and Arkansas State Fiddle Champions. ‘Long about college, Jonathan realized his passion for this music he’d grown up listening to in his family was just irrepressible. He began to play the very same music handed down to him through the oral tradition his grandfather had used to pass it on to his father. In the last decade, Jonathan’s career has put him in some good company, working with many legendary fiddle players including Seven time World Champion and National Heritage Fellow, Jim “Texas Shorty” Chancellor, Dale Morris Jr., Calvin Vollrath, April Verch, Matthew Hartz, Tim Crouch, AND… Aarun Carter!

Aarun Carter was born in Thornton, Colorado, also to a musical family. Before she opened her eyes or learned to talk, music was part of her life. Maybe she fell in love with fiddling the day her mother, eight months pregnant with her, competed in a fiddle contest. Aarun started with the Suzuki method on the violin at the age of 2, and never looked back. At 4, she won the Colorado State Small Fry Division, in that state’s famous old-time Fiddle contest. As she grew up, she won the State Fiddle Championship in Colorado an impressive 5 times. On a national level, Aarun won an award for the Youngest Fiddler at the National Old-time Fiddlers Contest in Weiser, Idaho, and then, in 2011, she won first place as the National Young Adult Champion. Recently, she accompanied Jonathan to Arkansas, her first trip there, and entered the 2013 Arkansas State Fiddle Contest. She was awarded First Place in the Traditional Old-time Division there in Mountain View, Arkansas

David Bunn


The session was recorded live in situ, by wizard audio engineer Stephen Schauer, directly into a Tascam HS-p82 portable field recorder using a small selection of high definition microphones. No editing or overdubs were added in the mix.